Payment Options

Private Health Insurance

For Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Iron Infusions, if you have private health insurance, you will be covered by any agreement that exists between GastroMedicine & Endoscopy and your insurer. You should ask your insurer to confirm that it will cover your treatment and make sure you are aware of any exceptions in your policy. If you have no exceptions (and your health fund has a full agreement with us) then you will have nothing to pay for your admission to one of our centres.


No Private Health Insurance

Patients who do not have private health insurance, you will need to make a payment on arrival for your procedure. These fees cover the services we provide whilst you are at the centre such as nursing care, after access to Specialists in emergency, medical supplies, use of medical and surgical equipment (these fees is commonly known as “Bed Fee”). Our Doctors have tried to keep this fee as affordable as possible. It important for you to know that your care is utmost important, and you should not choose where to have your endoscopy purely on the basis of costs alone. GastroMedicine & ENDOSCOPY is a reputable organisation, and you should feel well looked after when admitted to our centres.



All the Specialists (including Gastroenterologist’s and Anaesthetist’s”) fees are directly billed to Medicare, so there are no out of pocket Doctor’s fees. However, Medicare does not cover “bed fee” which help to pay for all necessary medical equipment to look after you during the admission as described above.


Other fees

Some patients may have a fee upon discharge, if polyps are removed or if haemorrhoids are injected, but one of our receptionists can discuss this with you when you make your appointment for your procedure.

For all other appointments including consultations, reviews, Capsule Endoscopy and breathe testing, please contact us and we can explain any relevant fees to you in detail.