Bio-feedback Therapy

A well established and widely accepted therapy for chronic constipation called bio-feedback is recommended for a growing number of patients.

It is now recognised that neural dysfunction of the defecation unit can lead to disordered or difficult defaecation. Among structural and functional causes, the most common entity that causes disordered defaecation is what is termed “dyssynergic defaecation”. This condition affects about 40% of patient with chronic constipation and is usually an acquired behaviour disorder where the act of stooling is uncoordinated or dyssynergic and comprises of paradoxical anal contraction, inadequate push effort or incomplete anal relaxation with or without rectal sensation.

It is recognised that in many patients, there is an overlap, because colonic transit is delayed.

Several randomised control trials have demonstrated that biofeedback therapy using neuromuscular training in visual and verbal feedback is not only efficacious but superior to other modalities such as laxatives or sham training. Development of user friendly approaches to bio-feedback therapy and the use of home bio-feedback programs will significantly enhance the adoption of this treatment by patients.

All our Gastroenterologists appreciates the benefits of this non-surgical approach, which does result in improved long term outcomes. You can discuss your bowel symptoms with one of our Specialists, to get their expert advice if bio-feedback training would be recommended or beneficial for individual basis.

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